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Has anyone heard of a trail from the city out at least to the area around Palos?

Someone told me it is the freedom trail, but I can't find it.

I'm looking to get in some long rides on my mountain bike, I'd love to get there without loading my bike onto a car.

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You can take the metra there on weekdays. I rode there one time on Archer - that got pretty hairy at points! I beleive Ogdon may be a better option

If there is a trail it is a very well kept secret. Archer is terrible, but it is just about pedestrian-free so at most of the worst spots one can hop up on the sidewalk for a bit until it gets less hairy - or hop onto residential streets for a while.

None that I know of. There are decent routes to Willow Springs from the near west suburbs (Oak Park, Berwyn), but little trail. Eventually, the Centennial Trail is supposed to extend from the existing trailhead in Williw Springs to Lyons at I55 & Harlem, but that's been in the works for years with little apparent action.

You might want to check out this thread on a related topic.  There's no existing trail to get there, but there are a few transit options to get you within riding distance of Palos.


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