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Trade--Your BMX/Dirt Jump bike for my 1500W space heater!

I'm working on a trading challenge.  Starting with a red paper clip, trying to work my way up to a BMX or Dirt Jump bike.  I'd like to try out a different style of riding.

Right now I have this 1500W electric space heater.  It is the good oil-filled radiator kind that provides nice even heat, not a cheap fan-style heater.

Given it is now winter, why not trade that junky old bike you never use for this little piece of warmth?

Doesn't have to be a very nice bike--can even be in need of some work or minor parts...can be a kid's bike.  Heck, if you are feeling cold, I'd even take whatever you have that you think is more likely to be tradable for a bike!

Stay warm out there!

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