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Track Bike: Responsive race bike - 19" frame, Miche Chainset, Mavic Wheels

Asking $300 obo.

I am 5'5 and this frame feels compact and so responsive on the track. 

Always loved riding this but can't bear to continue seeing it not being ridden anymore.

I bought it from Graham Weigh Cycles, in England, in the late 1990's.  Raced it up to 2nd Cat at Herne Hill velodrome for 6 years, then at Kissena for another 4.  Only a handful of minor accidents but most of the damage was limited to me. The next 8 years it has been purely decorative.

Still in great condition.

Frame: Protal 7005 - Heat Treated Aluminium Alloy

Stem: Ambrosio Lite 1

Crank - Miche Primato

Chainring - Miche 1/8" 49 teeth (might have another couple of chainrings/sprockets)

Wheels: Mavic Open Pro on Miche Primato track hubs.

Tires: Continental Radsport - brand new

Pedals: Look PP146 - ancient.

Saddle: Felt Sport Comfort - near new

Front fork is drilled.

More photos available if interested.

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I cannot find how to edit this post - but willing to lower the price to $250 to see if anyone is interested.

Sweet bike! If I still had fantasies of track racing I'd be all over it. 


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