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Hey Y'all.

I'm heading out next week on a tour across the country. I'll be riding down to St. Louis, hopping on the TransAmerica Trail, then continuing on the Western Express Trail and the Pacific Coast Trail. If anyone has any interest in riding any length of that, get at me.



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Pretty cool! I wish I could join you. Someday I'd like to tour the country.

When is your ETA for hitting the Pacific Coast Trail?

I'm moving to SF at the end of August and won't really be around until the last week of September (I'm getting married and hiking in the Sierras until the last week of September). But I'm interested and if the timing lines up, then I'd be down for sure.

I wish . . .

Good luck. I hope you keep some sort of log and post it somewhere on the internets so we can follow along with lots of photos! 



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