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This is right down the road from the shop! I feel like it would be silly not to bring over a fully reflective bike for you folks to check out. 

Went to this workshop.


Willow & Joe were awesome hosts !!!


Jane gave a great class, and passed out some reflective material !!! Thank you for the accents for my bike.


Thank you to Willow for sewing the reflective tape to my wet weather jacket, baking those awesome goodies, and making feel at ease at something new and foreign to me.

Thanks to Joe for the tour and for showing me your bikes. Some day I will be able to do the same.


To all of you, I hope that I can repay the favors.






P.S. Sorry so late on this.

I would love that !
Count me in !!!

Crafty Cycling Chick said:

Thanks, Manny! It was a pleasure to host the event. I have a ton of new sew-on reflective material (silver, hi-vis green/silver, and hi-vis orange/silver) so I'll let you know when I host a craft night. xowillow


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