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First, I tried scrubbing with an old toothbrush and some diluted Dr. Bronner's soap.  This was okay, but my grips still felt gunky.  In the winter, this pulled fibers from my cheapie glove (the one size fits all kind that you buy at Walgreens).  Today, I tried using a dual sided sponge and some Dawn dishsoap.  Couldn't really get into the nooks and crannies, but got rid of most of the dirt.  Rinsed with water.  Now they feel super sticky! I then tried to rinse with a dilute vinegar solution, still super sticky.  

Long story short, did I ruin my grips?  Did I scrub too hard or the dish soap was too strong and I took off a layer of rubber?  Any recommendations on another brand of grips that's easy to clean?

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You could spend $10 on new ones?

windex to clean, baby powder to de-sticky. 

But oury grips are well known for being sticky, that's kinda the point. Gloves help :)

Nat, you mean new Oury ones or new grips?  Please recommend a brand that's easy to clean.  

I got the Oury ones because they came in so many colors and was told they were cushy.  I didn't want the foam ones because they don't seem to hold up well.  Their stickiness attracts all sorts of dirt.  I didn't notice it for the first year, and now they are very gross!  My hands feel dirty.  My vintage Schwinn has that vinyl-like (Schwinn-specific probably) grips, I would love to find ones like that!

You can find those old-fashioned hard rubber grips (like the old Schwinn ones) on eBay, sometimes never used.

Good idea, Eli.  If the Windex doesn't remove the residue, I might go that route.

Here is another option for great grips.  Cheap rubber ergonomic grips wrapped in cork bar tape.  Jesse at Comrade Cycles did it for me and they are holding up extremely well!



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