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I'm in my 24th week of pregnancy (first baby) and have been getting horrible round ligament pains when i ride even a little bit fast--they feel like abdomonal muscle cramps. I've already traded my road bike for a more upright and slow comfort bike, but I'm still in a bit of pain. Midwife says the pains are normal (I get them when I walk really fast, too), but they make riding very uncomfortable. I get pretty darn cranky when I haven't ridden in a while. Any tips from other biking mommas out there?

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a recumbent is never the answer. Just stay safe, or perhaps just take a break from it.
Hey there! I am not sure of the answer but found this cool site with bicycling mommas. You may be able to ask them directly for some advice. Good luck!
Hey! I resemble that remark!

Recumbents are really fun, every bicyclist should have one in the stable.

Jon said:
a recumbent is never the answer. Just stay safe, or perhaps just take a break from it.
I can't draft off of 'em though!!! hehehe

Homebuilt said:
Hey! I resemble that remark!

Recumbents are really fun, every bicyclist should have one in the stable.

Jon said:
a recumbent is never the answer. Just stay safe, or perhaps just take a break from it.
The ob/gyn ordered my wife off of the bike when she was expecting our son. The sad irony of this story was that the doctor had a major bike wreck and had to have her face reconstructed a week before our son was born. So she wasn't there for the delivery...

I would say that NOT riding should definitely be considered as an option. This is a very crucial point in your life and while bikes are great, having a baby is way more important (imho). We got by fine on the CTA.

Regarding Recumbents - kind of a giant expense with a baby on the way! I would be looking at trailers and/or safety seats instead. My family went with a trailer, because we feel that they are safer.
I think it's great that you're committed to keep biking, your continued fitness will help you deliver that baby. Contrary to popular belief, what most women DO NOT need is nine months of sudden no activity before one of your hardest jobs. Our midwife was biking up to the very end.
I do have a friend who has been car-less for years and is a doula, etc. who may be able to give you advice. Is there a way to do direct contact here? If you can figure it out, shoot me an email and I'll send you her info.
Hi Clare,

I'm a mom of three who cycled up to the day before delivery on the last one.

1. Listen to your body. Don't overdo it.
2. It's normal for things to feel really loose and creaky in your 2nd trimester. There are hormones working in your body that are literally relaxing tendons and ligaments in order to prepare your pelvis for the birth of a baby. That's a lot of why pregnant women can get clumsy and uncoordinated... not only is your balance being affected by the weight and shape of the baby developing, but you have the added "bonus" of joints loosening up in unpredictable ways!
3. This too shall pass... Give it time. When the pains become bad, lighten up on the pace. Slow and steady is still good exercise, even if it's not getting your heart rate pounding. You might find that in another week or two the ligament pain is no longer bothering you. Sometimes the position of the baby can cause pain at one point in time and then a few weeks later things shift and it no longer bothers you.

I commend you on cycling through your pregnancy. You will find yourself better prepared for delivery because of doing it. You will be more fit, more relaxed, and you will be better set up in your pelvic floor area than if you hadn't been riding. Kudos too, for choosing a midwife.

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask. I may not know the answer, but I'm happy to share my personal knowledge of cycling while pregnant. (I might add here that I'm a pro at cycling WITH kids, once the little one arrives!)

Jane Healy
My wife is a Physical Therapist. I'll ask her when I get home tonight if there are any exercises or stretches you could be doing to compensate. Of course, there's more going on there than just a muscular/skeletal thing, but every little bit helps right?

And congrats on the upcoming baby! I'm a proud new uncle myself.
Hi, congrats on the baby that is wonderful news. I would be careful with the recumbent bike because in that position it might be to much pressure on your aorta. You sound like you are doing everything you can the only thing I would suggest is a brace. There are specific therapist who work witht he pelvic floor. If you like I could give you some info.
Hi everyone, thanks so much for the advice and well-wishes. If anyone's wondering, I talked to another midwife today and she suggested a maternity support belt for biking and other exercise. Kind of like a girdle for your pregnant belly that may help keep the uterine muscles from freaking out too much when riding. Should be available at Babies R Us or a local maternity store (like Be Bye Baby in lakeview). Midwife also suggested a wider bike seat for my quickly-spreading ass and hips. She was very encouraging of me staying on the bike!
Hi gang--I'm happy to report that I rode my pregnant ass to work today for the first time in several weeks, and it was fantastic. I wore the belly bra/girdle thing, did some deep breathing, and had almost no pains. As a bonus, when I ride just a bit slower than usual, I actually hit all green lights down milwaukee. Thanks again everyone for all the advice and support!
You know, I'm not sure that this topic will ever concern me, but this is why I love the chainlink. Seriously. People will all kinds of questions and issues can get help, and the whole community pitches in to make it so. Thanks for posting this question Clare!



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