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I loathe the time changing. It always takes a while to adjust. 

Road safety certainly changes after daylight saving time ends.


"Make sure that you are visible."

Cyclists should use lights. Perhaps this would be the best time to upgrade to a higher lumen output. Don't blind others on the bike path and roads. Point it slightly downwards towards the pavement and your brighter headlight will still be visible for others to see you. 

Also, try to get as reflective as possible. A roll of reflective tape is reasonably inexpensive. Tape some on your bike and helmet.

"Light it Up!"

C.L.N.O. 2016 / photo


It's the 100th year anniversary. Why we do DST.


How to survive the darker days overall.

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I have never liked the time change either.  There was a petition some time ago that went no where, but support is out there.

It is encouraging to see if FL can change its law so that the summer clock is what they stay on all year.  At least there is some attention to the topic in the IL legislature:

The anecdote in the wcpo article about a woman being killed in evening hours is bad journalism.  40,000 people per year get killed by motor vehicles in the US.  Picking one which  happened in the evening and blaming the clock change provides no insight.  People will get killed every day at all times regardless of time changes.  You could just as easily find a child being killed on his way to school in the morning when it is dark to make the case for more light in the morning.


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