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You blew the red light east bound on Lawrence at Damen at 5:26 pm this evening.


There was enough time for the biker in front of me to make it half way into the intersection, northbound on Damen, before you came whizzing past my front wheel.


I yelled "You're an idiot!" at your big haired chick, self, and you looked back at me. I meant it!


I woulda testified for any of the cars, that managed to not kill you, if they had.


Keep riding like a tard!




Witness bad behavior during your commute? Feel free to post. Maybe that lovely human can read it and think they are famous. Maybe you can also inspire the whole generation of kids to shower but we can start with small things.

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HAHA! Just like the woman who honked at me after she ran a red light yesterday.


I got to the intersection of Michigan Ave and Oak St. I was already at the corner, ready to cross Oak St on foot, with my bike next to me, and a coupe other people waiting for the walk signal.

That intersection is notorious for southbound drivers running their left turn red light. As soon as it goes green yellow and red, on average, about three cars keep going on the red, while the northbound traffic gets the light and pedestrians get the walk signal.

I always cross as soon as I get the pedestrian signal, I don't care if cars get stuck. I walk and other pedestrians queue in with me. 

Yesterday, I am crossing and two cars stopped (they ran the red light) and there were two foot police officers at the intersection as well. As soon as I got to the other side, I hear a honk, I look around as I am about to mount my bike, and an older woman flicked me off. 

Meh, if I get hit while crossing that intersection on foot, when I am allowed to by the pedestrian signal, it will be the red light running driver who's at fault. 

From their viewpoint, they're ENTITLED to run the red light, while you're REQUIRED to wait for them as they break the law.

That's right, ENTITLED is the word... I am sure there are plenty of intersections in the city where this happens. Another bad one is Roosevelt and Wabash in the summer. 

I do stuff like that too, but we probably shouldn't. Very near the intersection you mentioned, a cyclist was killed by a bus driver who may have run the red without looking.

Yes, I know the story all too well. :( 

Driving to work up Dearborn this morning, two cars blew the red after the light cycled. After I crossed the intersection, a THIRD car blew the red, narrowly missing pedestrians, cars, and cyclists who had the right of way. He was met with a chorus of "WTF are you doing?!?" as he had been stopped at the red light for several seconds before gunning it.


I guess I should be thankful that he "let" me pass.


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