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"Public art" discovered along the Lakefront Trail at Fullerton on Friday, March 29, 2019.

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Live with a car; die by a car....

                                    - with apologies to Matthew 26:52

We could start a new thread:  "What's this doing near the bike lane?"


a.     Torched after being used in a crime

b      DUI misadventures, busted the fuel line going up over the curb, poof

c.     Failure to make that left at Albuquerque

e.     Set afire, not by the driver

f.     Caught fire while on the drive, exited, thoughtful driver removed it from the roadway so as to leave fellow motorists unencumbered by a smokey blockade

g.     Coming soon to a news station near you

h.     Was trying to signal.  1 if by land....



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