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Good documentary from WQED Pittsburgh on the GAP-C&O Trail.  You can watch on their web site until 3?31

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Thanks!  It Was A Great Ride!  Take Care!  See You Down The Trail! . . .

This is great!  I was born and raised in Pittsburgh and did the GAP + C&O trip from Pittsburgh to DC the summer of 2012 after I graduated, before moving to Chicago.  All the way from Point State Park in PGH to the Capitol steps in DC.

It was a great ride and I'm excited to watch this documentary (WQED is great BTW).  Did it in 6 days, about 45-65 miles depending on day, solo and camped 4 of the 5 nights on the trail.  Would definitely do it again, especially since they've fully completed the 'connector' portion around the river in Pittsburgh - was previously some eminent domain issues with a steel mill I think, who owned the right of way for 2 miles along the river which made for a tricky detour.

GAP trail is amazing.  C&O trail I found kind of bumpy and 'rustic' but were some really cool spots along that trail, like Harpers Ferry.

Agreed. It's a great ride. I did it in five days. One of the most fun bike trips I've done. :)

This has been on my To-Do list ever since I rode from Shepardstown, WV to DC one day back in August of 2014.


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