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There's been enough complaining about failure to clear snow from, or even dumping snow into, the new protected bike lanes. So here's a thread for thanks that didn't necessarily result from a prior complaint.

So, late this morning on 55th Street, from at least Kimbark to University, somebody had obviously cleared snow from the bike lane. Granted, the snow had naturally replenished somewhat since the clearing had been done (right about AM rushhour, I'm guessing?), but in any case, I appreciated having to deal with only 1 inch of fresh snow instead of 3-4 inches of fresh snow on top of 1 inch of stale ground-in slush. Whoever you were (Streets&San? St. Thomas the Apostle Church and/or School? Random good citizen?), thank you.

If this action did indeed stem from a prior complaint made by somebody else, well, thank you anyway. Today was a day I could take what I could get and feel grateful for that much, so no foul.

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I too am thankful for the Desplaines PBL being cleared sometime in the wee hours of the morning!  I was fully expecting to be riding through 3inches of snow or even in the car's lane, but the PBL WAS PLOWED!!! It was really so great! Thanks plowers of snow!



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