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give "grumpy" cyclists a place to grump with/at each other about all topics that annoy ;-)

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The thing that makes me grumpy is when the cyclist ahead of me at a red light doesn't "get moving" when the light turns green. I should just relax and enjoy the time on my bicycle but for whatever reason it always grinds my gears when the cyclist ahead of me is not alert. Posting this as a reminder to myself to not worry about it. :)

It's even more aggravating when the cyclist in front of you shoaled you.

Yesterday, I shoaled the Divvy shoalers. 

SHOALLER !  You've gone over to the dark side. There now is no chance to save your soul !!

Today I was riding in the suburbs.  I saw a couple of bikes parked at a grocery store.  I don't care how their owners ride; I say, God bless them for dealing with the madness of suburban street design and the arrogant ignorance of suburban drivers.

Were they locked?

The guy with the orange flag waving cars into a parking garage-- usually they do a good job of not waving cars in when bikes are coming through and tell the drivers to hold up.

But this idiot today on Washington just west of Wells, he's waving a car in and thankfully the driver didn't blindly trust him otherwise she would've plowed into 3 cyclists. She stopped and looked back as this idiot continued to wave her in like a numbskull. I yelled something to him like "What the hell are you doing waving her in?"

Similar jagoff behavior occurs on Randolph east of State St. Dude stands in the bike lane all day blindly waving any possible motorist into the garage, narrowly missing cyclists, and often causing the car to have to wait for people walking on the sidewalk, thus blocking the entire curbed in bike lane. Be careful out there.


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