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give "grumpy" cyclists a place to grump with/at each other about all topics that annoy ;-)

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Wow - I'd go to another bike shop.

That's the plan.

Drivers who yell "You're not a car" out their open car window as you pass them, after they recklessly passed you a half block earlier.

People who ride going the wrong way in the bike lane--I don't care if it's for a block or two out of necessity, but for longer than that, GET ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE STREET.

I don't mind if they do it for even longer than that, I just insist that they pass me on the left. 

I'm not going to weave out in front of traffic that I can't see to make room for someone biking against traffic, who can see the traffic coming, and yet still wants to pass me on the inside.

Being an old guy, I'm a natural grump.  I've been tossed off Chainlink by all the previous admins...Yasmeen has only warned me; she's been great!  I think she started this thread with me in mind!

Right now, I'm grumpy about Julie's thread about the trials of city cyclists that have moved to the suburbs so they can have kids...and (surprise, surprise!) they just can't bike as much, or as freely, as they could in the City!  Help!  Help!

My feeling is that the world population is adding another billion people every 12.7 years; each of those little bastards are going to be breathing, using resources, and adding to the degradation of our planet in varying amounts, Americans being the worst...   If having kids is making you feel deprived and unhappy, THEN WHY DID YOU HAVE KIDS IN THE FIRST PLACE??

Stay single, remain in the City, use your brain to silence your biological clock.  Admit that you've got a very fortunate lifestyle.  Go back to grad school; take up pottery; save your money and start a business.   There are already billions of people in the Third World that don't have the options you do to give their lives meaning.  Enjoy!

One grumpy guy to another... preach! ;)

What makes me grumpy is living in a society where people walk around with the attitude of "I've already got my slice of the pie, so screw you" mentality. 

You don't want to have kids, cool, and enjoy the perks you feel that affords you.  But, you didn't show up in this world as a fully-formed person, so don't throw stones at people that want to have a kid or two.  I don't care how much you think you did it on your own, society at large helped you reach old man status from a whiny toddler in some shape and form, so anyway you slice it, you're simply saying people aren't allowed to draw upon the same benefits of society that you did as a kid.  Put simply, you're not saying something enlightened, you're just acting self-centered.   

I don't want to defend the post you're responding to above, but I feel impelled to point out that you're assuming that people must believe their own existence or birth must have been justified, and that the previous generation's moral considerations are unchanged. I think both are untrue. 

Why do some cyclists insist on mowing down pedestrians in the crosswalk simply so they can stop on the other side? Saw it twice this morning waiting at red lights. There's a 15" gap between the pedestrians, and the cyclists insist on trying to part the Red Sea so they can get 6 feet ahead of us waiting at the white line.

If there are no pedestrians in the crosswalk, knock your socks off.

Drivers who don't seem to realize the need to yield when turning right.

Cyclists who just can't be bothered and who advance into intersections when they still have a red.

Reflexive ebike hate.

I also get grumpy when I'm climbing a tough hill and an eScooter buzzes past me. I bite my tongue instead of yelling, "lazy!" which is what I'm thinking (so judgy!). 

Don't even get me started about eScooters and eBikes on the sidewalks when they have a perfectly good bike lane. Grrrrr!


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