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For those of you coming down the temporary Flyover ramp onto the existing path, beware of this trench. It's deeper than it looks, filled with water, and with the current configuration, cyclists traveling South will pass over it almost in parallel. I witnessed a man get taken down on his 28 tires last night. Don't get trenched!

Added photos with a Divvy tire for reference.

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Thanks!  I'll be making my first trip of the year past there soon, and that's just the kind of thing that's been known to take me down.

I broke an arm in a cycling accident due to a similar situation.  I'd hope the park district fixes this immediately, as otherwise someone's going to get hurt, and then the City is going to get sued.  This is a designated bike path, and they're not going to get to hide behind Boub on this one.  Why has the implementation of all of this been such a joke?     

What a shame, it's not like CDOT doesn't have extensive experience putting those large metal plates down for situations like this.

I've definitely busted my $#%+ on hazards like that before. Thanks for the FYI.

Just curious if anybody do the 3-1-1 thing with this one - the website allows for the uploading of pics?  It's a standard issue flex joint, perhaps in a good location from an engineering and cost standpoint, and in a lousy configuration for us.  It LOOKs like a bunch of silicone or a little more durable poured on top of it might provide some adequate filler.  Which could be done bandit at about 3am (which I'm merely describing not instructing or advocating or inciting) or someone at the city makes the attempt.  Or, that 6" metal plate gets put down over it.  Is there another mayor's office cycling meeting?  Anybody know who the alderman is for that part of town?

I have sent the photos directly to CDOT at their request.

That's great.  Hopefully help is on the way.  You may have saved a few broken collar bones Tooscrapps.  

This morning I noticed that a metal plate has been placed over this trench, making it much smoother.

The merge point still remains a horrible design that I'm sure will lead to near collisions all summer, but at least you won't get trenched.

And BTW, watch out for the raised/bent seam at the north end of the drawbridge.  That does not look like a quick fix. Its like a mini curb in the middle of the sb lane now.

That thing you mention... looks like it's been getting higher over time. 


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