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My 2012 Surly Big Dummy has been gathering dust since my two daughters got old enough to pedal themselves around.  Kitted out with Jones loop bars, Rolling Jackass center stand, IGH with IQ Cyo headlight & Topline rear light.  Mechanical discs, Big Apple tires, fenders.   Still in excellent shape, I'd just like to let it go to a good home where it will be used.

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She's a beauty.  How much are you asking? 

With all the upgrades, I put about $4500 into it new.  Hoping to get about 50% back (the stock dummy lists for about $2K as a reference).  Make me an offer... I'm flexible depending on how you want to pay, take delivery, etc.

PS: Happy to sell it with, or without, the Yepp Maxi kids seat.   Are you interested in that as well?



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