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The premise is this:
You ride out on an afternoon/early evening, find a camping spot overnight, camp, and wake-up and ride home the next morning.

This supposedly works well for those that would like to camp but their time is limited due to work and/or family schedules.

I don't know of any good camping spots within 20-30 miles of Chicago, but I know they are there. Who's interested in this sort of thing?

Best to start thinking about it now, so when summer comes it can actually happen.

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Chain o Lakes...Ill Beach. all sound good. I would be willing (wanting) to stay an extra day if ppl dont want to ride back right away and enjoy the weekend. There is also Glacial Park and Morraine Hills to consider. I am not opposed to "slingshoting" via Metra to get out further if need be. Sorry...havent fully read thru the thread...anyone come up with some ideas for dates?
I'm down for some trips as well. Bong Recreational area is also within distance, especially if you slingshot, and they have terrific campsites.



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