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Please help me find my bicycle! It was stolen from 845 W Wilson today sometime between 9 AM and 2PM. It was locked to a bike rack outside the building, someone cut the lock and ran.

My bike is a mint green 43cm Surly Straggler (disc brakes). It's got 650B DT Swiss wheels, Surly Knard tires, SKS black/gray full fenders, Axiom rear rack. All parts are black aside from purple plastic platform pedals, triple front ring, shimano tiagra derailleur (gray/silver). Compact drop bars, purple lizard skin bar tape. Bar end shifters, terry liberator gel saddle. Silver water bottle cage. I didn't write down the serial number like a dummy, still trying to get it via other means.

Please, please lock if you see it. This was by birthday bike, I've only had it since November and I am really really :(.

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Sorry to hear this Lisa! We've had a lot of retweets on Twitter and I just posted it to Chainlink's Facebook. Hoping for the best. 

Thank you for helping blast this. :( :( :(

Beautiful bike, I hope you get it back. 

My bike was just recovered thanks to everyone who shared and helped out!

SO happy for you! 

Glad to hear you got it back! 

I've seen your straggler locked up in that location many times. The lock was cut mid afternoon? Damn. Can you give any more details, as someone who locks-up in the area frequently, I am concerned. 

It might have been in the morning. I don't really know. I got to work about 8:45-8:50. My coworker noticed my bike missing when she came back from lunch at 2PM. I had a kryptonite ulock through the rear wheel, front wheel secured with cable. They cut through the ulock with a grinder and left me the pieces at the scene. Jerks also scraped my frame, structurally fine, but ruined my paint job. I'm going to raise hell with the office manager of the building and make sure I can take my bike inside. I think it might be a safer bet to lock up 2 blocks west by Everybody's Coffee. There are windows facing the bike racks there so I think it might be a harder steal. Unfortunately although 845 has security on site, the bike racks are not visible from the building windows. My coworkers also told me that a couple of bikes were stolen from the same rack as mine a few years ago.

Yeah, I saw that you always locked it up really well. I sometimes walk by there, and I would always admire your bike. But, that rack location is kinda bad. 

I also noticed you were the only one who really used that rack. I wonder if it was cased for a while. Coffee shop sounds like a good place to lock it up, if you can't bring it inside.

Hope the scratches aren't too bad. That's a great paintjob on the stragglers.

Yeah, honestly I was a little worried because there weren't other people locking there. There was a guy with an old Schwinn some days, but yeah,  I probably should have just immediately lobbied hard for finding an indoor space to keep my bike. I do at all my other work locations.

I'm glad to here you recovered the bicycle.

Now, write down that serial number and register the bike.

That was definitely the first thing I did when I got home. I've also made sure to update parts on my other bike to keep registration current. Always bike index everyone! Do it right away!

Great news!


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