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 I wanted to put the word out that over Xmas I was burgled and three bikes were stolen.

The bikes that were stolen were
1 - a 2012 Project One Trek Madone 6.9 SSL.  It has a 'Carbon Smoke' -black/brown - frame, Bontrager Classics Wheels, white Saddle and a Dura-Ace Group Set.  It has my name on it (Andy Pharoah) and has a serial number (WTU032T5063G)
2 - a 2008 Lapierre FDJ Tour Team Copy.  It has a White carbon frame, a white Fizik saddle, Ultegra Group Set and Mavic Ksyrium Elite wheels.
3 - a 2011 Kona Paddy Wagon.  It as a green frame, yellow walled wheels  and is single speed bike
I'm thinking that both the Madone and Lapierre are quite distinctive and it is possible that on their travels other Chainlink members may come across them
An information gratefully received (and rewarded)
Andy Pharoah
312 203 7174

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Sorry about your loss Andy. More details can be entered here:

Do this when your bike gets stolen.


Vitaliy said:


I am going to Swap-O-Rama tomorrow looking for mine. I will keep an eye out for these as well.

Sorry to hear it.  The stolen bike registry has been a valuable tool in keeping our bike community informed and recovering some bikes.

I hope that your bikes are recovered.  Thanks for posting the pictures.

these where not at the Swap today. Not a lot of bikes at all today only about 20-30.

Thanks for looking

Joe Willis said:

these where not at the Swap today. Not a lot of bikes at all today only about 20-30.

I know it's little consolation now, but I've found this $17 device from Harbor Freight to be pretty functional for alerting me to activity in my garage:

And also have found it pretty doable to set up an IP cam for a reasonable amount of money-- I have one of these:


and one of these:


I've been using a trial version of mac software called "Security Spy" to record-- it can also be dialed in to play an alert tone when there's motion (my mac runs through the stereo so I get two loud beeps every time something happens in the camera's view-- you can fine tune the sensitivity and also designate a "Zone" for alert...)

You had some pretty sweet rides there, that sucks. Merry f-ing Christmas.



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