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Stolen bike - Custom Fuji Classic 2012 - Stolen from inside Cycle Smithy.

Hey all, today I had my bike stolen for the first time.. i don't have serial numbers or photos because i just built it on tuesday and didn't get a chance to document anything.

some brazen fellow came into cycle smithy, walked downstairs, cleverly waited for everyone to be busy helping customers and walked off with my wheels. my bike was inside the shop leaning against another mechanic's bike in front of a parts counter.

rumor has it he was a 6'1-6'4 late-teens early twenties black male wearing an apple green/chartreuse fleece sweater that came in and yanked the bike around 3pm today.

but if you can, do keep an eye out for a 58cm silver fuji classic frame from 2012 with black crmo cinelli pista bars in 42mm, black cinelli carbon tape wrapped only on the drops, a tektro crosstop lever, black cable housing with satin silver ferrules leading to a silver sram force front brake with kool stop pads, cane creek forty headset, full carbon reynolds ouzo pro, carbon specialized seatpost, black saddle from a jamis beatnik, black alloy 110mm look stem, look carbon expander, alex R450 sealed bearing wheelset with origin8 hubs and wheelsmith spokes (the front rim has had the paint worn off the brake track from riding in the rain), maxxis xenith hors categorie tires in black with grey stripes, a 170mm sram omnium crankset in black, dura-ace 16T cog in 1/8 with a dura-ace lockring, a KMC K710SL chain, and black shimano R540 pedals.

i do have a coworker with a 54cm version with a similar (nearly identical) build, but his has B43s, a zipp stem with rise to it and deda bars. he's no thief.

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File a report in the Chicago Stolen Bike Registry:

Report received.  Sorry about your bike!

Be sure to pass along the police report number ASAP so someone who spots it can get quick police help.

i did that initially (, and got a police report, and also have many of the local shop people, messengers, and deliveryfolk keeping an eye out as well.

police report number's HW239570.



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