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STOLEN Bianchi Pista Dalmine - Wicker Park, or ANYWHERE

This was my bike until I sold it to this cool chick 2 months ago.  Now, some scum has taken it from her.


Please keep an eye out.  It's damn easy to spot.  White with blue bullhorns.  She is offering money and gratitude.

Some differences from a stock Pista Dalmine:


-blue-wrap bullhorns (stock has white flat bars with blue grips)

-white WTB saddle (stock is a blue suede saddle)

-white SKS rear fender with metal hose clamp for security (as shown in picture)

-might have QR code security ID stickers on the inside of one of the fork blades and on the frame where the top tube meets the seat tube.

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I feel sad.

From the facebook:

Saw that. The comments make me feel like putting some cement shoes on and going swimming for fear of what shitshow the future going to be. Society is going to the dogs.

Don't let the internet get to you. Please forward on the link below to the lady in distress.

List of things to do before and after your bicycle is stolen.

I sold her the bike and have been texting her since I heard about this. It's on the Stolen Bike Registry, she has an Abus folding lock and a mini u-lock coming. She's covered her bases. Maybe it helped that I strongly suggested she register the bike, etc. before she took off.

Also, the internet doesn't get to's the people behind the keyboard who puke words for others to see that gets to me.

If you forward me a picture, J.W., I'll be happy to add it to her CSBR entry.

Sent...and thank you, Sir.


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