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Hey y'all. Delurking with meager expectations and secret hopes.


My beloved Speedster was stolen last night (1/28) between about 5 PM and 7:30 PM in front of UIC's College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs Hall, 412 S. Peoria, within sight of the UIC Halsted CTA Stop and many other bikes on racks. She straight up vanished, lock and all, and as I was inside at a meeting I have no idea what happened. Kryptonite Series 1 lock to front wheel and frame.


The frame is covered in stickers and has some tube scratches due to crashes. Stickers include a Defend Public Media on the seat tube, I <3 Bikes on the Down Tube, and a "My Child is an Honors Student at Cathy Santonies" on the top tube. Also an Active Trans green logo sticker on the seat post.


I am pretty short, hence the frame being 48. Also, either stupidly or thriftily, when my wheel got stolen I replaced the stock 28's with a pair off an old Allez, and was absolutely riding an 8-speed cassette on a 9-speed gear set up, so nuts to you thief. Also this meant the chain had slightly worn (the idea was to replace the wheels after some saving and a winter where my chain would be beaten up anyway). Thus the photos I have are of her in her pretty days.

Stolen bike registery link here:

also will be reported to the UIC police ASAP, but not until lunch break.

the odds are endless, but I thought i'd throw it out there, even with the recent realization that stuff is just stuff and I can ride my single speed on this week's memorial ride later. If you see her, holla @ carmen.aiken [at]









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Wishing you a successful recovery Caiken!

Carmen, hope you get your bike back.

BTW, I'm in there somewhere with the lustful gluttons.

Beans ~ 15 mi. said:

Wishing you a successful recovery Caiken!

Sorry to hear it.  Have you posted this theft on the Stolen Bike Database yet?

that sucks Any chance you have renter's insurance? sometimes they cover these things.

she did.  Caiken, good luck.  We'll be on the lookout.

Anne Alt 2-10 said:

Sorry to hear it.  Have you posted this theft on the Stolen Bike Database yet?

Thank you so much, everyone! I definitely need that shirt. And yep, Howard and Kevin have been great. Just filed my report with UIC police. If I have a second I'll probably head to Maxwell and or Ashland Swap, but I'm not holding my breath. I will, however, miss my Cathy Santonies sticker. :(

This, and other recent outpourings of support, make me just remember Chicago bike community FTW. 

See e-mail.

If you do decide to go to the Swap (pretty much nobody ever locates stolen bikes at MMM) you probably don't want to announce publicly that you plan to do so.

Don't forget to pass along the police report number when you get a chance.


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