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Edited as Bike parts were sold:

Just looking to sell some no longer needed items.

NW Side by Irving Park and Highway.

'Sprint' Boardgame: $15

This game was made by Diset in 1990.  Board is well loved as you can see and the spinner doesn't spin as much as clunk around but it is useable.  All pieces and rules are present.

'Bicycle Portraits' Hardback Book: $10

This was a kickstarter project I supported a few years ago.  Good condition - some water damage (rippling through one corner of book).

'When Stan Engelbrecht and Nic Grobler initiated this project, they aimed for it to be a study of South African bicycle commuter culture. They wanted to find out who rides bicycles, why they ride them, if and why they love them, and of course why so few South Africans choose the bicycle as an alternative means of transport.' - 

'The United States of Delirium' Paperback Book: $10

Written by David Houghton (RAAM rider) this book chronicles and beautifully photographs  the riders and scenery of the Race across America.

'The Rider' by Tim Krabbe: $5 Absolute classic 

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