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Gloves, goggles, helmets, vests, lights, etc. will be on-hand as examples of how to stay visible and comfortable during the darker/colder days and nights of riding.


If you've got all the reflective information/gear you need, invite a newbie.


Bring clothing/gear you want to make reflective.


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Have Fun While Making You and Your Bike More Visible!

Join us for our annual Make It Reflective Workshop:
Learn about passive vs. active visibility, get tips on what to use and where to place it, update your favorite coat or bag with extra-sparkly visibility.  

Who: Experienced cyclists who sew will help make both you and your bike the most obvious moving vehicle on the road.  
What: Bring what you want modified (bikes, clothing, bags, outerwear, helmets, etc.)

Where: Active Transportation Alliance at 9 W. Hubbard St. (4th floor)

When: Dec. 5th from 5:00 pm until 9 pm (stay as long as you like, but plan on at least 15 minutes per item being modified).

Cost: $5 (donations are greatly appreciated to help defray the costs of materials). 

For more information, contact Jane Healy at repto at aol dot com.

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Posted to REI's Facebook Page:

How's (bike) parking down there? I notice it's on the 4th floor.



Lots of racks, just east of the storefront (in front of Mother Hubbard's).  The racks accommodate at least 14 bikes.

You can also lock to some of the lights and posts on the block if things are really busy (and you have a lock that will fit around said items).

If you want to "decorate" your bike, you'll need to bring it up on the elevator, which is just right of the stairs.  You roll onto the elevator, then roll off on the opposite side, so don't try to back your bike into it.


Fran Kondorf said:

How's (bike) parking down there? I notice it's on the 4th floor.





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