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What's the law,rule or Etiquette on entering exiting the 606?

I've had a couple people get very angry or block my way to point out that there's a bike lane for me to ride in. Since I'm usually working on a bike I salmon occasionally because crossing the street riding 2 blocks then crossing back to get on or off is time consuming,unsafe.

Examples are Damen less than 1 block is the wheelchair access for the sidewalk so I ride until I get to the street then go. Same with Milwaukee or Western. I don't ride Western but usually take Oakley or a side street in long distances.

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It's the Chicago way to be angry. Screw them. If they are angry about you riding on the sidewalk to get to the 606, then in my opinion, they can go screw themselves, because they are the same very people who are walking down the middle of the 606 getting angry about cyclists riding past them too fast.

I ride on the sidewalk to get on the 606 and just go slow and deferential. Haven't had any comments from pedestrians yet.


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