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There will be quite a bit of climbing on my upcoming trip around the north half of the Lake. That made me curious: what was the highest grade I've ever pedaled up and where was it?

I think I found the answer. It was late August 2011 on the ride around Tegernsee.

The 13% I managed to ride, but we had to dismount when it get closer to and then over 20%.

Fortunately, the steepest slope on my trip will be just 8.4%.


Share your slopes ;)

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23% at the Hilly Hundred in Bloomington, IN

Nice :)

8%, supposedly, on the Blue Ridge Parkway but there was definitely some steeper slopes from WV into Virginia, I THINK. 

Also there's some yikes in the driftless and as it was my first tour, I sure as shucks got off and walked it. :) 


...Wait, are you saying you climbed it in high gear?

You could have been a jockey ;)

There's no "could have" here, as you know I know ;)

Ha! I was wrong. Almost 15%, last June, south of Muskegon.



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