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I am interested in doing a south to north bike ride of Illinois. I would like to start in Cairo, Il. Any suggestions on maps to use or if anyone has done this before and would want to share the route they took. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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Illinois Dept of Natural resources has a very general map and with some general routes.  But nothing for a vertical south to North Line. Here is the link to the map...

You could do Route 51 out of Cario until you hit Bloomington. Then use back country roads from Bloomington which parallel Highway 39  and bring to you the Rockford area. Just hop scotch cool towns, State Parks along the way or meet some cool Farm folk to stay.

If you go Id love to hear about it. I always wanted to do that trip. Keep me in the loop

Bicycle Illinois offers this route most years but is skipping 2018.  Their planned daily itinerary is here.

You could follow IL-3, IL-127, IL-13, IL-4, US-66, Lake Front trail to Zion,

Or IL-3, IL-127, US-66 Lake Front Trail to Zion,

Or follow Kentucky & Indiana border & Lake Front trail to Zion.

Or through the Tunnel Hill Trail (45 miles) then US-45 near border to Lake Front Trail to Zion.

Or Mississippi River Trail to Galena.


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