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Would anyone want to take in a small dog?  I found him last night.  He's been starved and abused, but hasn't barked once and doesn't bite.  Looks like a mix with some Jack Russell in him.  The owner rode his bike by and said he didn't want him because he ran away.  I'm sure he ran away for food or to escape being beaten.  I named him Rob Zombie because he is more human than the human he ran away from.  I would take him if my place allowed dogs.  Please help.  I'm going to pick him up at 6:30 from a girl's place who took him last night.  She'll be giving me a crate, new collar, leash, bag of food, and shampoo so whoever takes him will get all of that.  I think he needs a vet visit.  His legs, chest, and ears are very red.

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post a picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Unfor this cat that I found here hates dogs.

The other evening a small shaggy dog ran all the way up my front stairs and through my security gate, turned around, stuck his head through, and looked out as if he'd lived there all his life.  It packed a growl like a german shephard but I managed to close the door so it wouldn't be inclined to head inside.

A bit later a horrible girl from the next block came and grabbed it . . . another kid said they were abusive towards it and had painted it that day . . .  was clearly seeking refuge.

Tegan and I want to assist you in this. We'll see if we can help you find someone who wants a dog. Otherwise her and I will take the little guy off your hands and let him stay with us until we can find a place for him. We'll also take him to a vet. The only issue is if he is fixed or not. We have a lady dog.

I will take him and get him healthy. I live in west loop. Give me a call. 414-943-1183   Jon

Spencer just took him until we can find a permanent home.  If anyone wants little Rob, call or text me.  312-772-5060.  Thanks.

Hey Jon Kopp, Rob Zombie isn't working out for our household environment. He isn't cat friendly. We are taking him to the Vet today to get checked out and if they suggest  medicine for his ears and skin. Please call me or txt me 3127256661 if you want to take him today.

Mr. Zombie is a super sweet dog. It's clear he was trained by use of abuse. All he wants is to be loved. It's very sad and cute. 

Do u think he'd be ok living with another dog? Im just thinking outside the box.

YEAH! Mr. Zombie gets along REALLY well with my dog Zapatista. It's just clear he never was raised with cats and views them as a source of protein.

FOLLOW UP!  Mr. Zombie DOES NOT have fleas, mites, scabies or any kind of mange. He is suffering from a staff infection due to lack of treatment of his skin rash.  His rash is due to common allergies Jack Russells have with their environments and foods.  We were given allergy medicine and antibiotics.

There is no microchip so there is no way to know how long he has been suffering from this problem.  But given the condition he is in it's most likely been his entire life.  :(

Poor guy. Thanks for doing this guys. So does he need a new home like today?

The sooner the better.

RZ is going to make a stop by my place for a bit. He'll be eating well and we'll work some exercise in there and hopefully get him healthy and happy. I'lll post updates :)


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