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Cheeky Thursday morning poll: Post here if you've ever passed a glove on the Lakefront Path and not stopped to pick it up and try to find its owner

You know the drill-- post only if you have ever passed a glove on the Lakefront Path and not stopped to pick it up and try to find its owner in your adult/bike commuting life. No discussion, no judging others for their callousness and lack of concern for their fellow glove-users, no qualifiers, just a "Yes I have."


EDIT-- thanks for responses-- closing this one so only one pointless poll is running at one time.

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OK, new opportunityto cleanse yourself of your sins via the art of public confession.

....Yes. I have passed many-a-gloves. But I'm rarely on the Lakefront. I see gloves, scarves & hats all over the streets in the cooler seasons. I may look into a small crate or basket for the rear of my bicycle...and picking them up to donate after a toss in the wash. 

I remember a few years ago, I had heard about someone starting a site solely dedicated to picking up that glove you find on the street, posting a photo, and trying to find a match. No clue who told me about it, or what it was called. 


If the lakefront was only used by cyclists and every cyclist used the Chainlink or used the missing glove tumblr thingy, then I would pick up the gloves. But on many occasions I've noticed that I've lost a glove or hat or something, retraced my route and found the missing item. So to pick it up or not pick it up is an ethical/practical dilemma. It is not a clear cut case of laziness vs doing the right thing. 

I keep refreshing here to no avail. 

Current count - 3 gloves missing + 1 pair.  It wasn't even cold last year! WTF? : )

Yes I have

I think the glove (any other article with low cash value) will have a better chance of reconnecting with it's owner being left where it is.  If I notice I've lost something, I backtrack to see if it's still there.


Yes, I have.

"Yes I have."


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