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I signup for the Share the road bicycle plate back in Nov, having paid my $17 fee. I guess in Feb or march they got the required 1500 commitment, will start making the plates. I got a letter in early april from  Secretary of State, that as soon as I pay, they will start mailing on April 30th. I paid $133 for plate renewal with additional fee for the Share the road plate. My problem is, my plates expired on April 30th, I am now driving on expired plates. I need my car for work, I bike to work normally, except since April 30th, it was forecasted rain every day in coming days too, so I need my car.

  Has anyone who signed up, gotten their plates? Also how can find out my status with the plates. what will the police do?, I normally don't have police behind me, but last week 3 of those days, I had a police car behind, maybe lucky that they were probably getting ready to go home.

   I have no proof to show, and my check has yet to be cashed. Plus my exhaust just got a hole in it and is making a lot of noise, possablie attracting police.

    any tips would be helpful... thanks in advance......Jerry

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oh my goodness - i totally forgot until I saw one. They look so cool!


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