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Serge (and others) 15 minutes of fame ... read all about it

From the current Time Out Chicago email update .....


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I thought it was cool that they highlighted cycling events/groups.

very cool! 


beer! Nice work Serge! 

Yes...very cool.  I will have to try to get in on one of your rides, Serge. Sounds fun.

Ash Lottes--thank you for starting the Critical Lass rides!  

Ladies: we're having one tonight. Looks like the weather won't be terrible and the stops we're making are fun. Meet @ Chipp Inn, ride to Feed, eat, ride to Archies, drink, ride to The Whislter, drink & dance. 

Find us on Chainlink for details or look up the event on our Facebook page.  

Nice! I'm stealing this :)


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