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Dear Seasoned Chicago Cyclists,
Please try to impart the patience and compassion you would have for a first time bike commuter. Having experienced the roll out in DC and already had one scooter fatality, there's definitely a concern about safety. Basically, scooter users will likely be pedestrians (not cyclists) turned scooter riders so they won't know the ins and outs like a seasoned cyclist. Think first time Divvy user. So yes, you'll see them on the sidewalks (even though they aren't supposed to), bike lanes, and streets. Lots of patience will be necessary. While scooters can be a good addition to the non-car commuter, they do pose risks to themselves (mostly) and other vulnerable users of the roads.

Here's an article with the details of the scooter roll-out:

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Argonne's right.  The rate in miles had declined so much that the mortality rate is expressed per billion miles travelled.  All mortality is too high, but the per mile (billion mile) trend continues down.

Lake Shore Drive is particularly interesting.  From the Chicago Tribune last year:

"Although the 3900 block [of LSD] was particularly active, Lake Shore Drive as a whole is a hotbed of high-speed ticketing, accounting for more than half of all such citations in the city. The number of high-speed tickets issued on the drive jumped to 4,344 last year, up from 501 in 2014. Citywide, 7,816 such citations were issued last year, up from 1,365 in 2014."

My note:  The city makes MUCH money off the drive...  it would be about a million dollars from the drive.

As Argonne points out, traffic engineers set the rules and such.  This may be why the south side is 45mph, where it is less hilly and is straighter, while the north side which is hillier and more dense is only 40 in parts. (I'm paraphrasing from other parts of the Trib article) 

And how many fatalities do you think occurred on Lake Shore Drive? I imagine it's very few relative to the number of miles driven on the drive. How many of those were due to excessive speed, and not simply carelessness or distraction? The city has a cash cow there, and isn't going to give that up.

Excessive speed is carelessness. A skillful driver might be able to avoid a crash at high speed, but everyone has this funny habit of imagining that they’re more skilled than they actually are... I mean, not me, y’know, and obviously not you, but like, other people. Oh well, anyway, what were we talking about? Oh yeah, how The Man is such a jerk not letting us set our own rules! So we think the scooters and ebikes should be totally unlimited, right? Because if 85% of the teenagers racing them feel safe, then...

Dude, if you’re quoting the article i think you are, in my opinion you’re missing the point: those aren’t no “15 mph over the limit” tickets, those are people driving 40 mph or more above the limit! 


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