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Please don't tell me to "say something" or admonish me for not saying "on your left" when I'm passing you with 5+ feet clearance in the car lane, especially if you're riding dead center of the bike lane.

Yes I'll say something if I'd like you to move over a tad, I'm passing you in the bike lane, or it'll be a closer pass. As far as I'm concerned, I'm doing something 50+ cars have already done to you on your ride, only slower and with more space.

For those of you that demand every cyclists who passes you, no matter the amount of space, to declare their act: stop being righteous weenies.

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I once called out "on your right!" to a man on the Lake Front Trail because he was close to the dotted line, swerving on to the other lane near Museum Campus... I passed him on the right. He muttered something angrily at me. As I was headed to the tunnel under Lake Shore Drive, my girlfriend was waiting for me there. Said man on a blue Trek bike, almost stopped to argue but he did say to us: You don't pass on the right! 

And he kept on riding away. 

I think he was drunk.

I'll have to have somebody pass me sometime so I can develop an informed opinion.  : )

I subscribe to the bell.  It is "innuendo neutral" and doubles as a friendly hello, and I'm not repeating myself over and over, and, I think people are used to hearing my bell and recognize it before they would my voice.   IMO, folks chaffing about it when being passed should adapt a little if they're being over-taken, but, I've startled people so I sort of appreciate that it scares them, whereas they often hear a car roar coming (Tesla notwithstanding).  Self-righteous on their part doesn't really help, but in all honesty, I usually like to herald the pass so they know I'm there, because I'm worried (perhaps overly) about them doing a swerve around a bottle, dead squirrel, pot hole, random left turn, or a door, etc. 


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