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I'm planning on riding down to Calumet Park for the Gaper's Block Crit series.  Does anyone have a good route they use?


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Oh yeah, right on. Got ya now.

Sure thing - 18th works, too. Gives me more time to boogie. As long as we get there in time for the Cat 5 lineup (5:50-6PM), I'm good. Or, just start heading down and I'm sure I'll catch you. Thoughts?

right on, thanks.  I'm with you on the pre-6pm arrival.  I can do either the tunnel or 18th, I haven't decided where I want to get onto the lakefront.


You know what, tunnel it is, and I'm aiming for 5pm.  and remember, this is a drop ride.  I'm not racing at cal park, just spectating.  If you've got to split, have no qualms doing so at any point.

Cool, I'll see you at the tunnel. If I catch a tailwind and boogie on, no hard feelings.

cool - none taken.

(Nick, I'm stuck on the phone - if I'm not there by 5 at the tunnel, go!)  

edit - i'm gonna make it.


Cool, I'm looking for HAC kit jus south of the tunnel (solidarity drive). Me=green jersey
Did u two find each other? Or anyone elsr?

I bailed before Katie even knew she had that work meeting she forgot about! I love my job, but sometimes being outside for multiple hours is draining. I'm flippin' tired.

I could try for Thursday, but I may not get done working before 5:00. Was only planning to spectate anyway. Maybe I should find a ride in a motorized vehicle. :) 

Riding down again tonight from Michigan/Ontario.

Should be at the LFP tunnel behind Shedd around 5:10. Grey jacket, black Chrome bag, black All-City.

Yep—we made it happen. (Terry and I, that is.)

Julie Hochstadter said:

Did u two find each other? Or anyone elsr?

Hey, yes we did.  I hope I didn't slow you down too much, Nick.  

I definitely recommend going to the races, it's a good time.

I'm still planning on going down on Thursday, same time.


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