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9/20/12 Damen from Division to Jackson is "Rough Grooved Surface." Plan accordingly.

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Long over due for surface improvements.  There are some rough spots.  Hopefully the area between North and Division will be improved soon too.

Many scattered blocks in Beverly and Morgan Park have been ground down for repaving in recent weeks.  In the last week, the paving crews have been doing their thing, so there's some new pavement to ride on.  :)

I hope that section of Damen is paved soon.

Scattered stretches of mill and overlay work between Halstead and Ashland on Clyborn as well.

As of Tuesday morning, October 2nd, Damen is now a smooth ribbon of new blacktop. I didn't ride it all the way south to Jackson, but assume the entire length was completed. Pavement is mostly striped as well.

Clark is sporadically torn up for utility work between Belmont and Division. Between that and the ongoing work on Clyborn, I feel like there is a conspiracy to make me ride Lincoln.

We now have new pavement on Longwood Dr. from 103rd to 105th Pl (desperately needed), Prospect (same cross streets), and Hoyne from 97th to 99th.  If only the adjacent section of 97th St. (Leavitt to Hoyne), which currently resembles Swiss cheese more than pavement, would have gotten done. *sigh*

Its Clark St's turn.  Diversey to Roscoe is torn up

There's a stretch of Elston that is also mildly terrifying right now. 

Canal from Roosevelt to Harrison I think. Rough grooved, and some unmarked mini rebar sticking out here and there. 

Now there is Clyborn from  Division to North Av. Roughest "grooved surface" I think I have ever ridden. I flatted with a 3/4 in. slash in the sidewall. Finished my ride with a dollar bill in the tire,  and did not continue on on Clyborn.

Harrison St. bridge over the river has been under construction for many months now, with no end in sight.  This means that traffic is narrowed down to 1 lane in each direction over the bridge.  Unless you ride fast, riding on the street here is a guaranteed hassle.  Sidewalks are narrow and punctuated by signposts, so it's not a great alternative, unless you want to join the peds and walk it.

With Van Buren and Jackson bridges closed until December due to Wacker Dr. reconstruction, this means we have a gap between rideable routes over the river from Adams/Monroe to Roosevelt - if you consider Roosevelt a "rideable" route.  If not, the gap extends to the 18th St. bridge.

I'm totally loving the construction cones on the Dearborn St bridge that are currently creating a temporary protected bike lane, until the real one goes in.

10/4/12 A couple blocks of Hubbard east of Racine is rough grooved surface.



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