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One thing that irks me are other cyclists that don't follow the rules. These are the cyclists that give all others who do, a bad name.

Guy at the end... I ended up catching with him. Was it worth it running red lights and a stop sign?

Are you a red light/stop sign runner?

And if so, why?

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No, I don't. I it is their responsibility to stay safe. Mine is for my own safety in this urban network of bike lanes, angry drivers, and irresponsible cyclists. 

I have been compiling video this and last week to show you all. Will finish editing this weekend.

Interestingly - a few days ago when leaving the office, I was riding on Adams and approaching State. Westbound light on Adams turns green and this PRO-looking triathlete type that was on State, blows the red light, almost gets hit by a cab, flicks the cab off, looks at me, I shake my head, and he gives me the thumbs up. 

Later on, I passed him on the Lake Front Bike path heading south towards the Museum Campus. He was overdressed. 

And what will this expose` reveal -- that there are bad actors out there? Gambling in Casablanca? I am shocked!

I am curious what defines 'pro-looking' and 'triathlete.'

That's H-O-T! And he's definitely "over-dressed."

Just look at that bikini line!

I got to thinking about this post, and believe I need to make a correction to my original comment.  There are a few times when I believe it's really in the bikers interest to run a red light...

1. At a tee intersection, when the entering street is not on your travel side.  This allows you to get a few blocks ahead of the traffic piled up behind you.

2. At Milwaukee and Hubbard, travelling southbound to make a left on Kinzie.  If you wait for the red to turn green, you have to try and cross the rush hour traffic to get into the left turn bike lane without getting creamed by a bunch of angry motorists.  If you run the red, when Hubbard is clear, you can easily cross the lane into the left side bike lane and not have to deal with the motorists.  It's a terrible design to begin with, but it makes a world of sense to run the red in that case.  I'm sure there are many other intersections where it's safer to run the red as well.

I agree on the tee intersection. Just be careful out there.

As for MKE and Hubbard, I avoid that area... last time I was down there was in January. It is best to cross above the cars by zip line, if there was one. 



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