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Repost of the group email I just sent out:

The Tweed Ride and other popular and widely anticipated events (my going to Lubbock, TX for example! (ha)) have necessitated the selection of the second weekend of May as our next RDDR ride.  It'll be on the calendar soon and I'll invite everyone in this group to start with.  Important question:

Considering that the plan for RDDR:E entails biking out west(ish) and dining at a Polish buffet before dancing off all those potatoes and cabbage cakes, I'm proposing this ride take place on SATURDAY, MAY 8, leaving some central/northish location around 7pm.  How does everybody feel about this?  Tell me.

Also, I believe at least some of us will be ending the night on the roof of one Amanda Olbrys, near Milwaukee and Central Park. We intend to sleep under the stars and snuggle. With all of you. I'm not expecting any objections.

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Timeout has a page outlining polish buffet places. None of them look too veggie or vegan friendly though.

no freak shit on the roof if there ant walls keep that shit at homezzz yo! hahaha....
what if we make walls out of pillows?

and S, Amanda and I are both veg, as are at least a couple of other dancers. We are aware of the tragic state of Polish Vegetarian cuisine and intend to subsist off the salad and dessert bars, unless wherever we go (Staropolska seems the top option from prior discussion maybe?) happens to have plenty of potato and cheese things. Or peanut butter sandwiches.
Jolly Inn Dude!!! That Buffet is the SHIZ!!! and they have a salad bar. ;-) And I how about meeting at LATE Bar on west Belmont? they were good to us and since we're goin west anyway seems like a decent spot.
Good call, Gabe. Jolly Inn does look like the most promising for veggies...not to mention there is a pic on the website of a very full bar!
Michelle in regards to a wall of pillows ill be surprised if that shit doesn't fall down if someone is that talented then maybe haha.
Gabe: Yes Jolly Inn, Yes Late Bar!

Matt: Oh, do we dance!

All: I'm going with Saturday the 8th.
I LOVE Jolly Inn. Been there many times. :-)
Wow Michelle, after looking at the flicker stream, I am that much more excited to bike, drink and dance!

Michelle Green said:
Gabe: Yes Jolly Inn, Yes Late Bar!

Matt: Oh, do we dance!

All: I'm going with Saturday the 8th.


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