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Rapha’s vision is to make cycling the most popular sport in the world.  


This is the guiding mission which defines our company culture, working environment and the people we hire. Rapha Chicago is now hiring a Clubhouse Assistant.

The Chicago cycling scene is one of diverse riders and roads. Here at Rapha Chicago were looking to add to our team a Part- Time Clubhouse Associate passionate about the sport.

An ideal candidate would possess the following:

  • Passion for the sport of cycling

  • An excitement for sharing personal experiences with guests and relating it to customer service.

  • A self starter who thrives in a Think for Yourself environment

  • A candidate looking for a part time role with the opportunity to grow

  • A supportive team attitude  and a drive to work together to create an inspiring and positive working environment.

  • Availability on evenings, weekends and holidays 

  • Please apply here

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