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This is not right... someone will get hurt. 

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CBS did a report on this about two weeks ago. Seemed pretty softball to me, the main take-aways being:

The city isn't done with that location yet (needs more paint)

Everybody needs to be more alert (we know how that really works out)

Needs more paint is right. It has already been a few weeks since that report aired. 

What are alternatives to get from the lakefront to the loop?

That looks most right turn lanes in the city with a bike lane to the left. I see the same thing at Illinois and Lake Shore - drivers like to use the bike lane as part of their right turn lane.

I see the same thing everyday going east on Washington as you approach Des Plaines. No one seems to want to get fully all the way over into the right turn lane. They'd rather straddle both turn lane and the bike lane. Also couple this with cars getting off the highway blocking the bike lane as they wait to jump into car traffic.

Also on Warren just east of Warren and Wood as you approach Paulina, the bike lane veers to the left, but I'm reticent to ever stay in it because cars will just come flying down the street and they don't veer left along with the lane. They often just stay straight and enter the bike lane and then either they'll eventually move left later on or they just stay in it all the way until making a right on Paulina.

I prefer Monroe, even without a bike lane.


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