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Yesterday there was a whole lot of noisy excitement at Montrose Harbor.  It was a practice run for what’s supposed to be happening this Thursday (by the way, did you know that Montrose Ave will be closed for part of Thursday?).  The Chief is coming to Chicago again for a fund-raiser.  Four Boeing V-22 Osprey’s plus two presidential-like helicopters did a landing and take-off drill – including the obligatory black Secret Service Suburban SUV.  We don’t often see the Osprey around – it’s a Marine hybrid tilt-rotor long-range aircraft designed primarily for troop insertion and rescue operations.  Note in the pictures that all the boat-moving equipment was vacated from the Boaters Lot (which is still off limits to boaters!) and placed on Montrose Ave.


I also posted videos on YouTube:   (long video, you can click it closed after about a minute)

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Yup and from what I understand he donates quite a bit to various causes outside of politics. I'm 99% sure that's his place. 

Duppie said:

This is the guy that is worth hundreds of millions, yet drives a 1994 Fiesta, and buys his suits at JCP. 

Is this his place? My co-worker, who always says he lives in Old Town, lives across from this guy. I guess my co-worker doesn't know his way around Chicago very well.

Kind of a lower asset version of Warren Buffet?


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