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Peripheral Vision: A Chicago Perimeter Ride project (2015-ongoing)

Exhibition opening Sunday, March 5th 2-5 pm
closing ride / party Sunday, March 26th 9am
Compound Yellow
244 Lake Street
Oak Park, IL

"Here's the three Rs -- Repetition. Repetition. Repetition." -- Mark e. Smith (the Fall)

Is the presence of a bicycle in an art gallery an inevitable Duchampian gesture, or is it sometimes just Freud's cigar?  A bicycle without a cyclist is simply a potential ride, while a cyclist without a bicycle is a bi-ped.

The Chicago Perimeter Ride is a fleeting, ephemeral yet concrete, street traffic performance staged site-specific on the outskirts and along the city limits of Chicago. The streets serve as a fringe theater where the methodical, methodized actor-cyclist performs his routine. This ritual ride is repeated like a meditation, a prayer, poem, a song.

The photographic canvases in this exhibition contextualize the space, the cityscape, in which the exercise is negotiated and performed -- the lakefront, Burnham Greenway, brownfields, arterial and residential streets,  barber shops, hot dog stands, liquor stores and tap rooms, tamale carts, taverns, tire shops, taquerias, corner stores / bodegas, car washes, auto parts & repair, stranded boats and trailers, pink walls,  graffiti scrawls, Virgin Marys and of Guadalupe, pylons and bridges, railroad crossings and church crosses, the Chicago and Calumet rivers, the Sanitary and Ship Canal, Wolf Lake, frozen beaches and on-ramp interstate wetlands, banquet halls, pizza joints, beauty salons, sub shops, paleterias and neverias, day care centers and cleaners, motels and shrimp shacks, travel agencies and print shops, Nicky's -- the home of the Big Baby, a power plant and a comfort station, American Legion posts and tanks along the border, Dinette World and dollar stores, joyerias and Jewel Stores, muffler men and upholstery shops, and the countless apartments above the shop or bar.  Given the scope and scale of this project and its highly mobile nature, I hope to present multiple iterations at various locations throughout the city over time.

In conjunction with the closing of the show in late March, I will invite all that are interested to join me on a perimeter ride, starting at Promontory Point in Hyde Park. We will stop at various select points along the route for refreshments, including a stop at Compound Yellow.

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Interesting, that's out by some of my family. I'll be sure to swing by!

Are you interested in joining the Perimeter Ride in late March?

This sounds like a lot of fun.  I will put it on my calendar.  So you will be meeting up at the Point a little before 9 am on that Sunday?  Where exactly will you meet?

We'll meet at the water fountain across from the viaduct/underpass entrance to The Point. Depending on the forecast that weekend, we may ride on Saturday the 25th or Sunday the 26th.

Maybe. I've got gravel races almost every weekend, but if it doesn't overlap I'm more than game.

Game on.

A ride commonly known as "The Chicago Perimeter Ride" is last weekend in September, or thereabouts, more than a dozen years now.  Though it certainly has no monopoly on the name ;) 

Yes, I'm aware. However, since it's not trademarked (as far as I know) and I've performed this ride solo over a hundred times now, I think I can safely use it.

Interested in joining in a Perimeter Ride in late March?


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