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As many cyclists opt for other modes of transportation down town (hopefully public transportation), people lose awareness of the bike lanes and the cyclists on them as the weather gets colder. I am one of the lucky ones who rides year round... pedestrians just need to pay attention.

I have more footage of pedestrians crossing intersections or stopping in the middle of the bike lane, but this one takes the cake. 

Video only shows what it shows... but I am glad I didn't rip my pants, and glad I always wear a helmet. Back is sore as well as my left hand and left knee. AY!

Bonus points: 

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That weird stretch of Randolph by Clinton is always lousy with pedestrians too, I'm not sure what city planner thought it was a good idea to have the bike lane route through a sidewalk like that.

I feel like making the bike lane a color other than green could help, it seems to signal 'safe' to some folks.

If you've ever biked in Holland, you'll see pedestrian courtesy unlike you've ever dreamed of.  They'd better be polite; the huge number of cyclists that flood the bike paths and PBLs will literally RUN OVER an errant pedestrian...and won't stop to ask questions.  I know, because I got run over by a bike...ridden by a well-muscled, impatient, middle-aged woman!

And the next day, I almost was run over by a train!  RR crossings have only minimal signage where they cross small country roads.  And trains in the Netherlands are so new, fast and quiet, you can't depend upon your ears to warn you of a speeding train.  You just have to watch for tracks...and look both ways for EACH TRACK.

In Holland, to survive as a pedestrian, you have to be very polite, cautious and alert!

"...polite, cautious and alert!"  That's good advise for everyone, however they are traveling, wherever they are travelling -- whether in Amsterdam, Los Angeles, Penang, Mumbai, or Mexico City!  US traffic-related crashes, though, are much much much more numerous and fatal than in any other developed/wealthy/peer countries.


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