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Will trade San Disk Sansa Clip Zip+ portable music player for miscellaneous bike parts

In case anyone here might be interested, I'm selling will trade for miscellaneous bike parts, a portable music player. I am by no means advocating that someone get this and use it while biking. However, I'm sure that a  lot of folks who are on this board probably go to a gym once in a while or may just want a nice small player for use when they're NOT cycling. Anyway, if you're interested let me know. I'm primarily interested in trading for a set of 26" wheels, preferably sturdy mtb wheels but just about any 26" wheelset would do. I'm also interested in a single wheel trailer similar to the one sold on the Nashbar website. Sturdy double wheel trailers (that fold up), are also fair game. Also, I'd be interested in 700c wheelsets, and well, if you have anything bike-related that is what you think is similar value let me know, we can maybe do a trade. The only things I'm not interested in are saddles, shoes, pedals or seat posts. Bags, like panniers trunk bags and such or bike tools are some other things I might be interested in.

I'm selling a brand new San Disk Sansa Clip Zip+ portable music player. The stock capacity of this player is 8gb with an external micro SD card slot. Included is a 32gb micro SDHC class 4 card, which increases the total capacity of the player to 40 gb. The closest small music player to the Sansa Clip Zip+ would be an ipod shuffle which only has a 2gb capacity. This unit will store WAY more music. Additionally, the OS has been switched from the factory settings to run Rockbox, which is a far more easily customizable and feature-laden OS than what comes stock with the unit. If you don't like the Rockbox software, you can always use the included disk and instructions from the Rockbox website ( to roll it back to the factory settings. Also, the player has a built in FM tuner, comes with install software, headphones, USB charge cable, and a silicone gel skin cover. The player has a stout, spring-loaded clip built into it's back that will allow you to clip it your shorts or t-shirt or whatever. I bought the player and loaded the Rockbox OS on it but never put any music on it. I ended up hacking an ipod video 80gb to run Rockbox, so I don't need the Sansa anymore. Sale is cash only local pick up only. If you absolutely can't come to pick it up I will ship it for $6.00 extra USPS Priority mail, but payment will need to be by Postal money order only and I will need to receive payment and deposit it before shipping.

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I've always thought that would be the one to buy if I ever had to stop using an Apple player for some reason. Criminal that others don't offer an expansion slot.

Please post when you've decided on a price :-)

(BTW I wish we could get far, far away from the angst about whether something is on or off topic, and never ever get into using "OT"-- this is a social networking site for Chicago cyclists, not a site about bicycles-- there are plenty of those already IMO)

I might be interested.  Unfortunately I don't have any of the specific parts you've listed.  I'll take a look tonight to see what else I have and PM you.


It's a long shot but any chance you own a VW?  I just sold mine and have a lot of stuff (tools, parts, service manuals, etc.) that I no longer need.

Sorry, I was sidetracked last night by a problematic appliance.  Will get to it this evening.

Posted list of stuff to thread in Barter Group.



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