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My Wrangler came with a smittybilt hitch so I'm planning to use a hitch mounted bike rack. But before that, I need suggestions on adapter since my bike has a slanted top tube. I know Thule and Yakima sell them but they are a bit pricey. Any recommendations on tube top adapter that is durable and inexpensive. 

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If you get a flatbed hitch mount, you may don't need a top tube adapter.  The one I have accommodates a slanted top tube without an adapter:

I'll second a flatbed hitch mount. They're very easy to, secure, and can handle a wider variety of bikes. Most rack companies have similar model.

Performance carries one for about $25. i don't usually recommend Performance for much of anything, but they have one and it costs almost half as much of Yakima's. Maybe your LBS would be a good alternative to Performance, so go there first.

Thanks for the info. Will also check the flatbed hitch mount suggested by Dan.

If you are near West Town (Chicago and Western), I have a Yakima Tube Top adapter (new in packaging) that I'd let go for cheaper than the Performance brand option.


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