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"OOH! I Didn't See You!" - 'Clueless Unobservant Drivers'

I'm getting tired of this lame excuse from cluelessly unobservant drivers.

Driver, what happened here?  OOH, I didn't see them !

screenshot photo credit: IDOT

A driver that passed me last night (around 11:15pm) almost a block back looking for what she thought was an open parking spot ahead, then realizes it's not, then throws it in reverse and proceeds at a high rate of speed to backwards to another parking spot narrowly missing me on my bike doing a brake-screeching evasive maneuver.
She then slams her brakes, I give her the usual loud 'hey' and angry look and she says, "OOH, I didn't see you!"
She's driving a huge rear-windowed Subaru Forester SUV and I'm with lights and reflectors on my road bike.
I shouted back, "well then, try not to kill anyone with your bad vision", as she moved away I observed her continued wrong-way manuver at speed.
Geeez! SMH!


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And the driver was in no way apologetic.

Way to go LOYOLA !

"I didn't see you" always means "I wasn't paying attention"

Yep. Basically an admission of guilt in my book.

Two days ago I had a woman pass me, stay in the middle of the street, turn on the left turn signal and turn right, almost hitting me. All within 50 feet.

There are some knuckleheads out there.

The common thing I see is lack of using a turn signal. You can often deduce what they're doing but I'd prefer if they made their intentions clear.

I often yell out "what are you doing?! Are you turning? Signal!!!!!!"

I see other cyclists often miss the "cue" and nearly get clipped and right hooked when a car that's been drifting to the right goes and makes a right turn.

My father said these wise words to me when I was learning to drive with a learner's permit and I apply them when cycling as well: "Son, always assume that everyone else on the road is a huge moron."

That's one wise father! 

Shux, the way some of them drive you don't even have to assume.

Your dad was wrong: they're all idiots or maniacs: :)

I taught my son to always check his right mirror to look for cyclists before turning right.  He did this during his drivers license test and was questioned by the examiner why he did that.

What was the examiners reasoning?

Good for you. When I drive, I always glance to my rear right before turning right, even in situations where it would be preposterous to imagine a cyclist being there. It is a very good habit to be in.


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