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Just tell me why you should get the free entry. I'll decide by the end of the day

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Check your PM! :)

One more bump. Looks like Sunday is going to be a great day for a bike ride.

I've got one, too. NSA - just straight give-away.

If you have one, I'd love it! :) 


It would be my very first BTD, and I'm kind of broke. Kept meaning to sign up but there was never a good time financially.

J.A.W. said:

I've got one, too. NSA - just straight give-away.

And we have a winner.

Michelle, I sent you a friend request.


Duppie, you rock, thank you!


Ethan Spotts, Active Trans

There's still one more available. PM me.

J.A.W., thanks also, sincerely!

Ethan, Active Trans

Wonderful! Thanks!!!!! :) Made my day for sure. 

I'll take one as well if there are still some available. Thanks!

I'm sorry but this has been claimed as well.


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