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I've been biking to my warehouse space nearly everyday and at Ashland and Erie (SW corner) there was a nice red Trek.  Yesterday the rear wheel was missing.  "Oh", I thought,"the owner took the rear wheel inside..."  Today, (Sunday), only the front wheel is left.

I didn't notice the model or the size, but now it's gone.  


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The thief is probably on foot or on a bike.  When I lived in LA I saw a thief riding through an alley with wheels on his handlebars one night and a frame strapped to his back the next.  I was dumbfounded at first, but later came up with the theft theory and it made perfect sense.

If you start losing parts, get the rest of the bike inside before you lose it all.

I always hate to assume the worst - some body riding a bike, guiding another along side (bringing one to a friend, to a bike shop) or...some one riding a bike that you know it just doesn't fit them at all (cousin gave them their old bike or...).

I guess one part of learning to bike is knowing how to lock it and when to lock it (that's easy - all the time)!

Many thanks for your note.

Nancy just curious but are you from a small town?

Nope. West Town.

chixieonfixie said:

Nancy just curious but are you from a small town?

Was the bike there for many days first, or did this just happen after one day?  People abandon perfectly fine bikes all the time. 

On Saturday the rear wheel was gone, Sunday the entire bike was gone except for the front wheel u-locked to a city rack.

Today, I had my bike and trailer locked in front of my store and some guy stopped to inspect the cable and lock...not out of the goodness of his heart, I bet. Besides, the bike was way too small for him.



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