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Hey folks of The Chainlink! Long time lurker, first time (selfish) poster. I'm currently on the hunt for a roommate; I posted info up over on Tiny Fix's site, but thought it'd be a good idea to cross post over here.

THE BASICS: 3br/1bath apartment in Humboldt Park, a couple blocks northeast of the park itself. Cute neighborhood with young folks & families. Liquor and grocery store in walking distance. Tastee Freez is almost too close by. Free street parking. Laundry in-unit ($), dishwasher. 12 min walk from Western blue line. So goddamn bike accessible. May 1st move-in date preferred, but an April 1st move-in date could be worked with for the right fit.

$$$: $435/mo. Bedroom fits a queen sized bed & furniture and has large closet. If you woudn’t mind a smaller room (that fits a full bed), you can pay $400 instead. Utilities are always under $100 per person (between $55-70), even in the middle of winter.

THE SPACE: While it’s a three bedroom apartment, I only intend to have one roommate because it’s cheap (and small). That third bedroom is currently used as a guest room, but I’d be VERY open to converting it to a bike room or a craft room. Fully furnished, except for your bedroom. Storage room in the attic and in the weather-safe back hall.

YR ROOMMATE: O HAI. I’m Lauren. Mid-twenties social worker who is rarely home, but occasionally throws dinner & craft nights for groups I participate in (Ag47, Tiny Fix, etc.) If I am home I’m either blasting soul or salsa since I am a pale variety of Puerto Rican or I’m making food (see below—I always make too much and give it away to roommates, so that’s a perk). I have lived all over the US and have been in all sorts of living situations (co-ed apartment, quasi-punk house facing eviction, alone, and with six brothers).

I have a lot of books on feminist theory/social justice and am down with Serious Conversations sometimes, but I also really enjoy beers, episodes of Wonder Showzen, and a living situation without the weighted demand for constant conversation. 

If you’re interested, let’s talk soon about our levels of cleanliness and other assorted topics over beers. I am cool with living with men or women (and potentially a couple but y’all would have to be rad radical). The apartment is available for viewing starting 3/11.

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This is a cool ass advertisement. Good luck to you, you are awesome!


Vitaliy said:

This is a cool ass advertisement. Good luck to you, you are awesome!


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