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Curious when this will be fixed. From Friday evening.

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can only take so many months/years in this city...

When the hot asphalt production plants open for the Chicago area. Usually (after our six-months of winter ends) in mid-April when temperatures average above 45 degrees, or when Ken Griffin signs the check.

Crews were at work on this today; the walking section of the path is open but they've fenced off the bike path to rip it up and start over. Hope the new pavement holds up better than last year's!

They put up a big fence and tore up the path...

... just to the north of the part that has been and is still torn up. I'm sure it's all going to be fixed but it looks kind of silly at the moment.

Excellent, great news, the hot asphalt plant is up and running.
Thanks for the updated report!

The only problem is that the hot asphalt patching doesn't really seem to hold up in Chicago.  How many times have you seen a hole patched and the patch deteriorate within a week until it's just the same hole surrounded by little asphalt cinders?  Or the ever-popular patching-the-patch maneuver.  The city needs to start using better materials, like concrete, on the rare occasions when it redoes stretches of road surfaces.  Penny wise, pound foolish.  

Luckily it will work on the bike path because it's not going to see vehicle traffic. Damage is going to come from freak storms.

But you're absolutely right about the roads in general around here. On the plus side our roads are way better than even the expensive suburbs around Detroit these days.

Should calm down by Sunday late afternoon.


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