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Nosy Midweek Poll--- when it's "your time," do you think...

Do you think that when your time comes, you'll be more likely than not to be on a bicycle at that moment?

Yes or no only, please.  Or poetry/embedded videos relating to the topic at hand. No discussion.

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when my time is nigh
on my bike I'll likely be
road pancakes taste bad

It would be grand irony

For me to perish in

Any other vehicular fashion

  • Yes.


Yes if I got to choose, No for my family and the bicycle community.

Sorry, I can't think of writing that poetically. 

Yo check my raps, check my rhymes,

I'm gonna die on my bike, like a guy who's allergic to limes after eating a lime



statistics will say

that I am in bed asleep

when I leave the earth

The headlines we fear

of mayhem on the roadway

do not change our odds.


if demise is near

before I take my last breath

put me on a bike.


it didn't kill me,

likely kept me here longer,

'til my final smile.


If I could choose, yes.

With my luck, I'm likely to be with my bicycle but not on it, confusing the hell out of everyone.



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